The answer to unproductive meetings? Badge & track them!

Late comers to meetingsYou may have seen the recent reporting of a research study that showed less than five per cent of all meetings and events are measured for their business value.

The research, carried out by MPI was reported quite widely in the business trade press.

We’re frequently told that business meetings waste huge amounts of time and money annually. Here’s a nice infographic to illustrate this (from

Two of the top ten reasons for meetings being unproductive are people arriving late or leaving early, and meetings starting late.

At conferences and badged events, attendance at individual sessions can be measured, using for example our Badge & Track technology. Maybe such a system needs to be implemented more at regular corporate meetings. If length of meetings, attendance and timekeeping was documented, the data would soon reveal which meetings were regularly running on, starting late or poorly attended, and those responsible for running them offered training to help improve!

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