Top tips for your lanyard orders – Part 4

So here is our 4th and final tip for your lanyard orders, and it’s an easy one.

Have a backup plan! If you have forgotten about your lanyards altogether and are panicking about getting some straight away, we have a selection of unbranded lanyards available from stock. These can be sent out straight away for an immediate dispatch either next day or same day!

If you are using lanyards then you will also need something to attach to the end, such as a holder or wallet, and of course something is needed to go inside the wallet like an ID card or event badge – well not only can we supply your lanyards, IDentilam are leaders in the supply of badging and accessories in the conference and event industry and can provide a complete range of products and services that will meet all your badging requirements. For further details about any of our products please contact us. Speak soon!

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